Water Purification For The Entertainment Industry – RO With AMPAC USA

Feb 12, 2020 | Gear Boxes | 0 comments

The entertainment industry has for decades now moved towards essential Water Purification equipment that helps them in their day to day operations. Amusement parks, resorts and big entertainment parks like Disney Land and Universal Studios have swimming pools, rides, and products that are used day to day by their customers. Water is an essential part of their cleaning processes as every ride and every product that touches the consumer’s hand needs to be cleaned for better customer experience.

Disneyland, for instance, recycles wastewater for all its rides and has been in partnership with the Orange County Water District (OCWD) for 10 years now. The water used in the park goes to OCWDs Groundwater Replenishment System which ensures regular refills of aquifers. The County does it by using state-of-the-art treatment systems. While Disneyland takes a different approach, most of the entertainment parks install industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems for clean and healthy rides each day!

One major example of cleaning a product is 3D glasses for interesting amusement rides. Even after cleaning thoroughly it is found that these glasses are marked by mineral streaks and have spots on them. The solution to this problem treatment by reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse Osmosis 

This is by far the best solution for treatment which is used to clean the 3D glasses. The system must, however, function within a few limits. The reverse osmosis system alone cannot work on extremely polluted water. The brands, therefore, require a complete solution to the treatment problem that involves several processes and phases of purification. The solution is a system that 

  • Purification of any quality is possible with ease
  • Has lower maintenance and downtime costs
  • Has minimal energy consumption.

Such a system is designed based on the quality of supply the park receives and hence is capable of serving a huge crowd as big as 10 million per year.

How Does This Help the Industry?

A sound RO system has a greater impact on the working of a resort or an amusement park. An efficient machine treats water to its finest quality so that customers use it for experience and the staff members can use it for servicing purposes. Some ways in which the systems have helped the industry are

  • Better customer experience for visitors using 3D glasses as the images are clear and crisp
  • Safe and healthy drinking water with impeccable taste
  • Better experience at swimming pools and bathing rides 
  • Better time management for the staff and faster replenishment.

All things considered, the industrial RO systems provide an excellent solution for treatment which can be used for servicing, drinking, entertainment and cleaning. What better for an industry that attracts millions of customer each year? If you are one such business owner, contact AMPAC USA for the best treatment solutions that are efficient, safe and well equipped for your needs.