Things You Should Know About Power Transmission

Feb 22, 2022 | power transmission | 0 comments

If you own or operate an industrial unit. It is likely that you already know what power transmission is and how it works. If not, or you are curious to know more about it, read on. Here we have mentioned the things you should know about power transmission. 

What is Mechanical Power Transmission?

As the name suggests, mechanical power transmission is the transfer of energy from one place, where it is usually generated, to another, where it is used to perform work by using simple machines, linkages, and mechanical transmission elements. 

Almost all machines have some power and motor transmission from an input source. It’s usually an electric motor or an internal combustion engine that usually provides rotary driving torque through an input shaft–coupling combination.

What is the Need for Mechanical Power Transmission?

Though there are several ways to generate power, sometimes, it’s impossible to generate power where it’s needed or generate it in the right form, magnitude, or direction. As a result, mechanical and electrical power transmissions are essential for engineering product designs. Usually, the mechanical power transmission and its elements are used for one of the below-mentioned reasons:

The generated power or energy can be converted into a useful form. 

Physical constraints can limit the power generation where it is used. So, it can be transferred to a place where it is required. 

It can also be used to change the magnitude or direction

It can be used to change the type of energy

Elements of Mechanical Power Transmission

In an engineering product design like machinery or automation drives, power transmission and its elements make it possible to match a power source to the operating environment and the condition of the working elements. 

What are the Benefits of Power Transmission Elements?

The benefits of transmission elements include but are not limited to:

  • They help in transmitting power efficiently.
  • They can help in changing the rotational speeds.
  • They can help in reversing the rotational direction from the motor.
  • They can also aid in converting rotational movement into a linear reciprocating motion.
  • They also help in splitting and distributing the power source to run different mechanisms like a single transmission motor can run multiple conveyor belts.

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