Role of a Conveyor System in Food and Beverage Production & Distribution

May 20, 2020 | Gear Boxes | 0 comments

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to concentrate more on health and wellness. People are now more aware of foods and their impact on their health. They are focusing on foods that will improve their immunity and help them to be healthy. The consumption of nutritional food and beverages is also increasing as everyone wants to be as healthy as possible to be able to fight the COVID-19 virus if they come in contact with it.

Erratic Demand

 Due to these changes in people’s mindsets, there is an erratic demand for specific foods and beverages. Also, the orders to stay at home and social distancing have compelled some people to stock up on products that they think they will need to survive for the next few months.

The Food, Beverages Manufacturing and online distribution companies need to cope up with these requirements.

Need for Smooth Distribution

 To address the enormous magnitude of such requirements,  the food and beverage manufacturers depend on smooth warehousing and distribution channels. If the distribution channels are not working right, it can lead to delays in deliveries and dissatisfied customers. That’s something every company would want to avoid.

To ensure seamless distribution, the Conveyor System and its associated components need very minute attention in all aspects of its maintenance, lubrication, replacement and repair. Exim Engineering Inc. can help there. Our team makes all efforts to support industries associated with Food, Beverages, Dairies and Bakeries by supplying and supporting timely components and systems at reasonable prices.

The Key to All Problems

 Exim Engineering Inc.’s Radicon Rapid Build Center is the key. This capability reduces the turnaround time for replacing Speed Reducer and helps customers to avoid lengthy downtime. In addition to speed reducer bearings,  belts,  drives,  food-grade lubrication can be made available just in time run production.

 We also provide conveyor components and power transmission essentials like timing belts, sizing belts, V-belts, chains, pulleys, laggings, idlers, impact beds, magnetic separators, take-up units, sprockets, speed reducers, gearboxes, bearings, drives, variable frequency drives, brakes, clutches, guide rails, chain tracks, articulated feet products, wear strips, belts, chain and grippers among others.

Clients also trust us for quality speed reducers, speed reducer gearboxes, speed reducers for conveyor belts, Radicon rapid product build, speed reducers, geared motors. Our quality speed reducers in California are offered at great prices.

For more information on the Conveyor System and how EXIM Engineering can help, feel free to call us on +1 (714) 758-1000 or just drop a few lines to Our team will get back to you with expert advice and the best products, services and solutions in the shortest possible time.