Magnetic Hystersis Design: Boon to Upgrade Capping Solution

Feb 12, 2020 | Gear Boxes | 0 comments

The perennial challenge of beverage industry is to address the maintenance and efficient running of bottling plants. Any leakage of  packaged beverage bottle results in a costly affair and breakdown of machinery is another nightmare. The close look towards the challenge is inappropriate Capping Solution of the product or missing on timely maintenance of the equipment. The timely replacement of neck-knives is extremely crucial to the smooth running of production with desired product outputs.

The plastic caps need to be tighten with extremely balanced torque. The more tightening does not result in good fit and tends to open up after hours of packaging operations. Whereas  less tightening opens up another area of challenges which becomes cumbersome to address and control.

Reaching an optimum tightening is much to do with the basics of physics and magnetism. As the saying goes the that things are not simple but made to be simple. The traditional method of utilizing with  reverse magnet sets does not answer all the challenges. This method results in erratic tightening, shocks and vibration along with high decibels all the time. There are frequent break down and needs replacements of components and parts making the task tougher for maintenance team.

On the other hand magnetic hysteresis design opens up the plethora of opportunities for bottling machines and existing plants. The specific magnetic material generates the optimum or desired seamless repetitive torque to tighten the plastic caps.

These hysteresis magnetic capping headsets are compatible with most of the rotary capping machine manufacturers for tightening of plastic cap on glass or plastic bottles.

Precision Tork’s patented hysteresis technology is extremely smooth and needs considerably less component replacement such as chuck knives which has longer operation life span.

The special plastic sliding joint eliminates the possible contamination and host of additional advantages including lifetime-sealed magnets.

Exim Engineering is supported by Precision Tork to address the bottling plant challenges in the region of California….As industrial solution specialist Exim Engineering provides timely support with competitive prices to excel the needs of your organization.