Fuchs Products

Lube oil for air line lubricators and air tools
601927515AIR LUBE 10W/NR24 / 1 pint Bottles
601927539AIR LUBE 10W/NR6 / 1 gal Bottles
601927492AIR LUBE 10W/NR5 gal pail
601927508AIR LUBE 10W/NR55 gal drum
Fully synthetic air lube with wide temp range for use in both hot and cold conditions
601927621AIR LUBE 10 PAO12 / 1 quart Bottles
601927614AIR LUBE 10 PAO400 lb drum
601927607AIR LUBE 10 PAO35 lb pail
Air tool cleaner to remove rust, dirt and gummy residues
601925641ATC 85512 / 1 quart Bottles
601925627ATC 85555 gal drum
Soft, smooth lubricant for O-rings, gaskets and plastic parts
601923999CHEMPLEX 71012 / 5.3 oz tubes
601923975CHEMPLEX 71016/ 1 lb cans
601923982CHEMPLEX 71020 / 14 oz cartridges
601923944CHEMPLEX 71040 lb pail
601923951CHEMPLEX 710440 lb drums
High dielectric strength for use on power connectors, cable seals and ignition systems
601923463CHEMPLEX 82512 / 2 oz tubes
601923487CHEMPLEX 82512 / 5.3 oz tubes
601923470CHEMPLEX 82520 / 14 oz cartridges
601923449CHEMPLEX 82540 lb pail
601923456CHEMPLEX 825440 lb drums
NSF-61 certified for use on potable water system valves, faucets and filters
601924361CHEMPLEX 86212 / 8 oz tubes
601924354CHEMPLEX 862440 lb drums
Silicone based heatsink compound for electrical and electronic use
601923852CHEMPLEX 1381 DE6 / 8OZ tubes
601923890CHEMPLEX 1381 DE80 lb pail
601923883CHEMPLEX 1381 DE275 lb drum
601923845CHEMPLEX 1381 DE650 lb drum
Multi-purpose grease, high temp, semi-synthetic, non-melt
601924170STABYL HT 10020 /14 oz cartridges
601924118STABYL HT 10035 lb pail
601924132STABYL HT 100120 lb keg
601924149STABYL HT 100400 lb drum
Fully synthetic, high temp, non-melt grease with MoS2
601924088STABYL S 250M20 /14 oz cartridges
601924057STABYL S 250M35 lb pail
601924064STABYL S 250M120 lb keg
601924071STABYL S 250M400 lb drum
Calcium sulfonate EP grease paste with blended solids including copper
601943195STABYL CP 220 /14 oz cartridges
601943188STABYL CP 235 lb pail
601943201STABYL CP 2120 lb keg
601943218STABYL CP 2400 lb drum
Salt water resistant, adhesive calcium grease for heavy duty maritime applications
601964718STABYL LG 235 lb pail
601964725STABYL LG 2120 lb keg
601964732STABYL LG 2400 lb drum
Synthetic, high performance lithium grease for all weather environments.
601993503STABYL EOS E 230 / 400 gr cartridges
601993497STABYL EOS E 235 lb pail
Synthetic bearing grease for low temp and wet, corrosive environments
800348616STABYL LT 5030 / 400 gr cartridges
800348623STABYL LT 5025 kg pail
Synthetic, heavy duty lithium grease with special white solid lubricants
601993404GLEITMO 585 K30 / 370 gr cartridges
601993381GLEITMO 585 K35 lb pail
White grease paste for oscillating parts, chucks, slides, & assembly
800346698GLEITMO 80512 / 470 gr cartridges
800346674GLEITMO 8056 / 1 kg cans
Polyurea grease - semi- synthetic / synthetic / heavy duty synthetic
800346971URETHYN E/M 130 / 400 gr cartridges
800346452URETHYN E230 / 400 gr cartridges
Synthetic, lithium soap thickened semi-fluid thixotropic gear lubricant
601304088RENOLIT LSTO EP35 lb pail
601921933RENOLIT LSTO EP120 lb keg
601921940RENOLIT LSTO EP400 lb drum
Graphite containing adhesive lubricant for gear teeth
601993442CEPLATTYN BL4 / 7.5 lb cans
800347190CEPLATTYN BL25 kg pail
601919244CEPLATTYN KG 10 HMF 100035 lb pail
601935077CEPLATTYN MG 1000120 lb keg w/liner
601935084CEPLATTYN MG 1000400 lb drum
601935220CEPLATTYN OGAS NA35 lb plastic pail
601935237CEPLATTYN OGAS NA120 lb drum
601935244CEPLATTYN OGAS NA400 lb drum
601935268CEPLATTYN OGAS NA2400 lb one way bin
601931819CEPLATTYN SF 10120 lb drum
601931826CEPLATTYN SF 10400 lb drum no liner
601931802CEPLATTYN SF 102400 lb one way bin
800347176CEPLATTYN 30045 kg keg
Perfluoropolyether/polytetrafluoroethylene grease (PFPE/PTFE)
800347015GLEITMO 59112 / 750 gr cartridges
800347251BRICK GREASE 157245 lb brick
800363657BRICK GREASE 750 lb brick
Barrier Fluids
800363848STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 555 gl drum
800363831STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 55 gl pail
800363862STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 1855 gl drum
800363855STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 185 gl pail
800363909STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 3155 gl drum
800363893STABYLAN BARRIER FLUID 315 gl pail
Solid lubricants in carrier fluid
601925450STABYLAN BAKOIL 10032 lb pail
601925474STABYLAN BAKOIL 20032 lb pail
601925399STABYLAN B 2540 lb pail
601925436STABYLAN B 5042 lb pail
Fully synthetic fluid lubricant with no solids
601989582STABYLAN 500 HT5 gal pail
601989599STABYLAN 500 HT55 gal drum
601925849STABYLAN CL 5185 gal pail
601925856STABYLAN CL 51855 gal drum
Synthetic high temp chain oil
601925863STABYLAN CL 51812 / 16 oz aerosol cans
Adhesive graphite paste spray for exposed gears, chain links, wire rope, etc.
800347411CEPLATTYN 30012 /400 ml aerosol cans
Air drying spray for uniform, bonded thin film graphite coating
800347428GTI SPC 100 DRY FILM12 / 16 oz aerosol cans
Chain lube spray w/ white solids; sets up as an adhesive grease
800346476GLEITMO 58212 /400 ml aerosol cans
Basic kit for gear & hyd oils: ICP Spectometry for trace metals , Visc
800347442CENTCase of 10 kits
For gear & hyd oils: DR Ferrography for wear metals, Visc, PC
800347497ISO CENTCase of 10 kits
For gear & hyd oils: ICP Spectometry & DR Ferrography, Visc, PC, TAN
800347459COMBO CENT PLUSCase of 10 kits
For wind turbines and seamer oils: Combo Cent + and water % by Karl Fischer
800353047WIND CENTCase of 10 kits
Biodegradable ≤ 60% based on natural vegetable oil (triclycerides)
601975431PLANTOHYD 32 N NA5 gal pail
601975448PLANTOHYD 32 N NA55 gl drum
601975462PLANTOHYD 32 N NA330 gal One-Way *
* price per gal
601975486PLANTOHYD 40 N NA5 gal pail
601975493PLANTOHYD 40 N NA55 gl drum
601975516PLANTOHYD 40 N NA330 gal One-Way Bin *
* price per gal
Biodegradable > 60% based on saturated synthetic esters VBP & sVGP compliant
601970832PLANTOSYN 32 HVI5 gal pail
601970894PLANTOSYN 46 HVI5 gal pail
601970955PLANTOSYN 68 HVI5 gal pail
Biodegradable > 60% based on saturated synthetic esters VBP & sVGP compliant
601974694PLANTO GEAR 68 S5 gal pail
601974700PLANTO GEAR 68 S55 gl drum
601974724PLANTO GEAR 68 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973406PLANTO GEAR 100 S5 gal pail
601973413PLANTO GEAR 100 S55 gl drum
601973437PLANTO GEAR 100 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973468PLANTO GEAR 150 S5 gal pail
601973475PLANTO GEAR 150 S55 gl drum
601973499PLANTO GEAR 150 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973529PLANTO GEAR 220 S5 gal pail
601973536PLANTO GEAR 220 S55 gl drum
601973550PLANTO GEAR 220 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973581PLANTO GEAR 320 S5 gal pail
601973598PLANTO GEAR 320 S55 gl drum
601973611PLANTO GEAR 320 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973697PLANTO GEAR 460 S5 gal pail
601973703PLANTO GEAR 460 S55 gl drum
601973727PLANTO GEAR 460 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
601973758PLANTO GEAR 680 S5 gal pail
601973765PLANTO GEAR 680 S55 gl drum
601973789PLANTO GEAR 680 S330 gal One-Way Bin*
* price per gal
800358639PLANTOGEL ECO 2 N18 kg pail
800356161MARINE PLANTOGEL 2 S18 kg pail
800353870CEPLATTYN ECO 30015 kg drum
800348876LOCOLUB ECO15 kg drum
601977503STABYL LG 2 BIO35 lb pail
601977510STABYL LG 2 BIO120 lb keg
601977527STABYL LG 2 BIO400 lb drum