EXIM Engineering- High Temperature Furnace Component Suppliers in USA

May 29, 2020 | High Temperature Furnace | 0 comments

EXIM Engineering Inc is among reliable high-temperature furnace component suppliers in the USA. We provide turnkey solutions for metal heating elements and the fabrication of the heating plate housing. You can trust us with critical projects as we have a very agile production system that helps us to keep lead times. We are very responsive to time-critical projects and ensure that every task is done with perfection.

The process can be initiated in one of two ways. The existing heating elements and the housing can be reengineered with desired specifications, or we ensure that the same specifications are retained. We can also produce the heating elements and housing on the basis of information provided by filling up the simple forms with desired requirements. Our constant improvement and enhanced capability are enabled to design and manufacture in-house ceramic plates which lead to speeding up of the process further.

EXIM Engineering Inc. strives for customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality industrial products. We offer a complete range of replacement elements, insulation, and furnace hardware for commercial heat treat customers and captive heat treat departments. We are in contact with key high temperature furnace manufacturers in USA who make our jobs easier.

In addition to being among high temperature furnace suppliers in USA, our clients trust us for.
Furnace Hardware
We can provide furnace hardware and related accessories for a wide range of furnace lining applications

Thermocouples & Heating Elements
Thermocouples are temperature sensors that can be embedded in ceramic heaters or elements. They can even be inserted into cassette type quartz heating elements. The purpose is to control or monitor heater temperature.

Insulation Products
Exim Engineering offers insulation solutions which help in enhancing the energy efficiency of technical equipment consistently.

Insulations & Refractory Bricks
We are also providers of Insulating refractory bricks and heat-insulating materials that are applied up to 1000 deg C. They are lightweight and low in thermal conductivity. Still, they are sufficiently resistant to temperature, which means that they can be used on the hot side of the furnace wall.

Furnace Rebuild / Repair
Furnace rebuilding is a cost-effective way to renew the productive and profitable service life of your system. We can also help with minor repairs related to high temperature furnace components to extend its life.

When seeking high temperature furnace suppliers in the USA or for any other need mentioned above, feel free to call us now.