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Manufacturer of Rotary Shaft Seals


Our innovative shaft seal design is made to aluminate issues regularly found with industrial processing machinery, Leakage, contamination, shaft damage, unsafe workplaces, and high maintenance costs can easily be prevented with CinchSeal’s solid or split rotary shaft seals.

  • CinchSeal® provides sealing solutions
  • for industrial process equipment
  • Air-purged, PTFE & Silicone Rotary/Radial Shaft Seals
Rotary Shaft Seal Products
155G-Optic Max ShieldPro Series - Lightweight Grey Visitor’s Glasses
7600 Series Rotary Shaft Seals
Indoor/outdoor Eye wear

7800 Series Rotary Shaft Seals

Split 9700 Series Mixer Rotary Shaft Seal
Custom Made Cartridge Seals

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7500 Series Rotary Shaft Seals

Poly Split CEMA Seals

Welder Hand Glove- Exim Engineering

7500 Series CEMA rotary shaft seals

7500 Series Rotary Shaft Seals
Household Protective Hand Gloves
Rotary Shaft Seals For The Baking Industry

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